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I exercised my second Amendment right!

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  • I exercised my second Amendment right!

    I have a podcast, I wanted to go buy a pistol with my little stimulus check as a thank you for the check and a way to show my pride in the whole experience.
    I had my co-host film most of it. I say most of it because it was cut short by a kid asking us to stop filming in the gun department.
    All-in-all it was a great experience as the form is now much easier than before because it is filled out on a pad instead of on paper (the print had to be perfect).

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    What did you get?


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      A Ruger Security-9
      it feels nice in the hand and is blued with desert Khaki color frame.
      I just wish it didn't have double safety. I like the safety on the trigger but I don't like the safety on the frame/slide. I like the Glock or S&W design better, but I have owned Ruger in the past and they do well.

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        Right on!

        I have:

        Glock 26(main carry)
        Glock 34
        Smith and Wesson 686
        Smith and Wesson Compact .22 (threaded for quiet bore can)
        Taurus 1911


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          This is a message board I visit a lot, a lot of liberals post here. There's one poster named brookeboy123 that is a retired teacher from brooklyn, and rips on our military and country, goes around the world and apologizes for being an American. He visits his cousin out here periodically. Thinks Hillary and Biden are the greatest, and Cuomo is a great governor


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